We are prepared if machines are raised against us

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Do you remember films like Terminator, I or Robot? For those frames of science fiction where the Artificial Intelligence machine has passed intelligence to humans and rise up against us, It is not ruled out in the future to happen in reality. Google has created a security protocol for IA Deep Mind if it decides that humans were no longer as needed or valuable for planet earth or if the system has AI have decided that end of the human race is the only solution to save the earth.

It’s always proved that greater good become evil with time. We need to focus today on our development to make a better tomorrow. -Raj

So far Deep Mind is an AI that is able to defeat the champion of the board game. While it is an Artificial Intelligence that is not yet widespread, yes that could end up being available in the near future in different organizations and tasks such as the production line of a car factory.Robotic AI

What differentiates Google AI from others market is that it is able to learn from their past experiences to outdo itself . In this way, you can play a video game and, after losing, learn why succumbed and not to repeat the error. Thus, Deep Mind learns and improves itself, without human need.

Well, what if, by a malfunction, machines Deep Mind have turned against humans? Both Google engineers and researchers at the Institute for the Future of Humanity, University of Oxford, have created a procedure to stop a bad hypothetical operation of Deep Mind if necessary ” to take control of their systems whose inappropriate behavior can bring irreversible consequences “.

And although it seems unlikely that the machines go out to kill humans, if this kind of procedure would apply, for example, if there is a malfunction in a production line and was necessary disconnection to keep the entire line whole assembly.

Nick Bostrom, the Institute for the Future of Humanity, believes the turning point in the study of artificial intelligence will be when the machines are able to improve themselves , and it seems that with Deep Mind could be close to reaching that point.

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