Authorities Turkish blocked the website of WikiLeaks

The WikiLeaks website is blocked in the Turkish territory, RIA Novosti informed a spokesman of the Office of Telecommunications and Communications of Turkey (TIB).

“We take administrative action on the website WikiLeaks,” he said.

The organization denounced WikiLeaks previously blocking its web in Turkey after he published the contents of the first part of emails (more than 290,000) of the ruling Justice and Development Party.

Previously, WikiLeaks announced that reveal more than 100,000 documents on the network of power in Turkey, later said that he would publish half a million documents and 300,000 e-mails.

WikiLeaks has been ‘hacked’ after the publication of the material. The portal denounced the blocking of its website in Turkey after the first filtering emails the ruling party. “WikiLeaks received the provision on blocking the portal throughout the Turkish territory after the publication of 300,000 emails party Erdogan” , as stated in the WikiLeaks Twitter account.

WikiLeaks previously reported have suffered a “sustained attack” after announcing the release of documents related to the party led by the Turkish president. The organization urged to “prepare for battle” with the release of thousands of documents on the structure of political power in Turkey.

Before the scheduled release, WikiLeaks said it is likely that the Turkish Government will make every effort to prevent information from coming out or reach the Turkish society. The nonprofit organization also asked netizens support their effort by sharing information.

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