Able to transmit television signals 8K in Japan

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In Japan are being taken very seriously revolutionize the world of television with a new standard for high definition television , allowing you to see the flakes of skin to a spontaneous out a news background. This is the format 8K , also known as Super Hi-Vision and thanks to the NHK for the first time its signal have been transmitted via UHF aerial.

With a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 , we are talking about 16 times that of Full HD, a quality that leaves traces current and TVs that emit coded moving paintings to Canal +.

But they have also been able to pass as a normal TV signal air to a distance of 4.2 km without any error from the Research Laboratories of Science Technology and NHK.

To achieve this have used two UHF band channels and technologies such as OFDM and MIMO , plus parity check coding with low density to correct errors.

However, to enjoy in the future supposedly near the television cameras as they need to use it and that people are willing to spend another pasture in a new TV.

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