Why do we see a white light when we die?

According to research everything is a product of our imagination


Things that happen just before dying, like what happens when a body dies,it has been always full of myths, these things have been revealed by those who ‘have delivered’, those who have had a second chance continue in this earthly world.

Although people are different and the world is very large, most of them relate and agree that just before going to death,they went through a tunnel where you can see images of key moments in your life, immediately you see strong white light, which ultimately leads to heaven.

Although almost all have the same, according to research by Steven Laureys neurólgo, he has revealed that this is just a mental trick, and our imagination.
The research was conducted from the account of 400 people who have gone through similar things, all told their case much like, including that of a pregnant woman who was in a coma.

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