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Engineers India submitted a development project aimed at the education sector in this country. This is an economic ultra tablet which has already generated an industrial controversy.

Technological warfare by electronic tablets not only live intensely in major international markets, just as in India, one of the countries considered in recent years as emerging in terms of science and technology, making a Ultra tablet has caused controversy by economic competitiveness among local businesses that want to stay with the Indian government tender offering their best prices and technical functions in their tablets.

The project was unveiled since last October 2011tiene Name Akash in an English translation is ‘Sky’ or heaven, and the project was commissioned by the government of India in its efforts to strengthen national sector education, according to the following editorial that has document the daily The Times of India .

The tablet composition of the new economic ultra-perhaps the most economical commercial market currently has a 7-inch capacitive screen, a processor of 660 MHz Connexant, 256 MB of RAM, operating system Android, USB and microsSDHC, connectivity via Wi-Fi and a variety of interesting applications focused on students.

Your profile allows you to play multimedia content in high definition (HD) and to enhance the user’s visual experience the processor includes a graphics accelerator, among other functions.

The manufacture of this interesting tablet has attracted the attention of friends and strangers, consumers and to other manufacturers in the electronics industry consolidated since the level of integration is simple, using components that while not brand, have been effective in its electronic function the system.

Thus, the exclusion of cheaper components but with a certain level of quality has made the tablets sought by the Government of India are a reality to assist your academic reinforcement program for public schools in this country.

According to The India Times, the Indian government maintains a financial subsidy in which the winner of the contract manufacturer gives only the tender price of $ 50, and so the government provides the devices just $ 35 for academic groups students are benefited.

However, commercial pressure has forced the manufacturer and other local companies to reproduce what was initially an exclusive project of government and raise it to a level of industrial marketing, where the highest price for one of these tablets ranges from 60 to 70 in much in dollars when electronics chains in India.

Still, the price of these tablets is much lower than other tablets known in the market firms that are backed by high background and international recognition, whose costs are between $ 200 for cheap to $ 700 for the highest.

In this sense, the industry consultant Naveen Misra, Cybermedia Research company, quoted by the newspaper Hindu, he argues that the business of the tablets in India is a niche highly remunerated for those involved in this segment, just as in the year 2011 approximately 475.000 units were sold.

“In India, electronic tablets have changed rapidly from being a product ‘Premium’ a ‘luxury’ to a select group, that appears in a high range of business segments such as business executives, professionals and media advertising, including students, to name a few, “Mishra said in his statement.


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