Android 4.0 on almost any television

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Pocket TV puts Android 4.0 on any TV

A project in, site of some of the ideas thrown grandest through donations, aims to put into each television Google’s operating system through a tiny size computer with HDMI output. Read on to learn more.

The project is named Kickstarter Pocket TV and is committed to returning ‘Smart’ the TV in your house without having to buy a specialized model with an Internet connection.

The device runs the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich and connected to a TV would make it a sort of gigantic tablet 0 1080 720p resolution without the touch functionality, of course, to solve are three options: using an infrared remote control use the smartphonewith a downloadable application or order an Air Remote, which is a full size keyboard for a phone that includes gyroscopic controls.

Pocket TV recently surpassed its goal of $ 100.000 and has several days to continue raising funds, so it seems that this will become a commercial reality. If it were to be, the first units will be shipped in October.

The unit has Wi-Fi, 4GB internal storage and microSD card slot and Cortex A9 at 1GHz, USB port for keyboard storage drive and 512MB RAM. The cost at this moment more an Air Pocket TV Remote is $ 135 (making this contribution to the project in Kickstarter), while once the market will have a price of $ 190.


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