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Hotels in Downtown Louisville Kentucky

Brown Hotel Located in the theater district, the Brown Hotel is the choice downtown Louisville hotel for those looking to combine elegance with top-notch service. Amenities on offer at the hotel include 26,000 square feet of meeting space (ideal for those in town on business,) a business center, fitness center, and two on-site restaurants, including...


Environmental Advantages of Hydroponics

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Finding ways to green the environment and combat global warming is one of the biggest challenges we are facing today. Even gardeners are getting into the act of using organic...


Top 10 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables

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There’s a lot of talk going around about how important vegetables are as a part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. However with the rising costs of produce and the inconvenience...


Growing Cucumbers Vertically

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Growing cucumbers is a popular summer pastime for many with a home vegetable garden. The long, green cucumber plant grows as a vine that spreads out horizontally along the ground,...


Easy to Grow Vegetables for Your First Garden

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Gardeners and would-be gardeners are seeing the wisdom in harvesting vegetables fresh from the home garden. They have visions of a garden bed loaded with gorgeous produce for their families....


Tobago Island, Caribbean Music and Cuisine

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Tobago is a small island but its Caribbean music and cuisine are second to none. From steel pan to seafood and curry goat, it’s all part of the experience, in...


Tips to surviving unemployment

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Being told that a job is gone is a horrible experience. Workers in every industry have been handed layoff papers and are now collecting unemployment benefits only to find that...


Tips for Raising Home Loan Deposits

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Buying the first home starts with raising enough funds for a home loan deposit. While everyone understands the need to save for at least 10% to 20% of the purchase...


Ao Nang – Thailand’s White Sand Beach

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Krabi a favoured tourist destination and is one of Thailand’s best beach resorts. Krabi’s main beach, Ao Nang, is less crowded than many Thai beaches. The town is small a...


10 Strategies for Trade Show Success

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Trade show attendees have the interest and time to look at a company’s products or services. Knowledgeable exhibitors can do well at trade shows. Notwithstanding their size, those who are...


Advertising vs. Public Relations

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What Does the Budget Cover in Advertising vs. PR? Typically, the majority of the budget for an advertising campaign will be spent on ad space, whether it’s in magazines or...