WhatsApp changes its privacy policy for Facebook

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014 and now the messenger suffered its first update in four years. The user should know the terms of service – rules of legal nature that users agree on the installation or updation of the act then what will be the application changes.

The Whatsapp announced that it will share its users phone numbers with Facebook and lets you send messages by companies. Some users might say that it is breach of trust. In a way, the company backtracked on something you said you would not.

Justifying Whatsapp for its new privacy policy is to share users of phones with Facebook serve to block unwanted messages (spam) and control abuses. The company also said it will offer “the most important best friendship and advertisements suggestions”. That’s because Facebook, to have such data, will be able to approach people who have exchanged phone numbers but are not “friends” on the social network. The Whatsapp will also share information on recent access to the service. But assured that will not provide the content of messages sent, which is encrypted.
“Your messages remain private and no one else can read it. Neither Whatsapp or Facebook or anyone else,” the company said in its blog. The new Whatsapp policy paves the way for interested companies to send messages to users.

The Whatsapp also announced that its users may choose not to share data with Facebook for purposes of receiving advertising. For this you need to follow some simple steps.

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