Go Pokémon MADNESS!

Pokemon Go is a global phenomenon, it is a fact, so do not miss the different news or information every day out of this application, which allows users to search, capture, fight and trade with hidden in the real world Pokémon.

One of the most beloved TV characters, Homer Simpson, joined this fever, as an advance on the official YouTube channel of FOX Animation can see the father of the famous family playing.

In the images, Homer tries to find fun and while Lisa and Bart Pokémones make mischief in a zoo, where even they are on the brink of danger.

Singer Justin Bieber also “fell” on this phenomenon, as seen in a video posted to his Instagram account.

Bieber took the early Monday to hit the southeast corner of Central Park in New York, to capture monsters.

Was his friend Alfredo Flores who shared the clip where the singer is in search of Pokémon.

Bieber is currently in New York as part of his world tour “Purpose”.

The addictive game Niantic Inc. that detects the location combines the Pokémon universe with the real world, providing digital incentives for players to visit landmarks and capture the creatures depicted on screen.

Last week, while celebrating her Emmy nomination for best supporting actor for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor Andre Braugher regretted not being able to enter Pokémon Go he downloaded from the game.

“I think it’s because millions more around the world are trying to do the same and they simply do not have the capacity,” Braugher said. “My son could enter and is catching Pokémon right now. I’m a little jealous.”

The star of the series “Better Call Saul” Bob Odenkirk, who was nominated for the Emmy for best actor in a drama series, said the similarities between the game and a joke in his 1997 comedy series “Mr. Show”. The scene showed a couple of dumb Americans competing awkwardly on a treasure hunt in the Anne Frank House.

The Holocaust Memorial Museum United States, Arlington National Cemetery and many other sensitive places have asked Niantic you withdraw your game.

“Oh, people will stop playing in about six weeks,” predicted Odenkirk. “I have not played. I am more addicted to the news that a ‘Pokémon’ ”.

While the director of “Star Wars: The Awakening of force” JJ Abrams, described insanity as “fascinating”, although he does not attract so much go out to Ponyta or Charmander.

“I’m not actively playing,” Abrams, who also produced the upcoming “Star Trek Beyond” he said. “I had to try it because I am a human being who has children”.

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