7 iPhone appears almost three minutes of video

A new leak from Asia shows details of the design of the iPhone in July


IPhone 7 will probably launch more impact on the industry this year, so the eyes of everyone trying to scrutinize what is one of the biggest brands in the world are planning to maintain the fame and prestige of its main product.

The smartphone market is increasingly complicated because every year come new brands to compete with teams of high performance hardware and reduced towards brands with greater presence so far, as Apple and Samsung prices.

A couple of days appeared on the internet the first video showing how an iPhone 7 or at least one course prototype thereof, in which different aspects, among which removal headphone port 3.5 mm are appreciated.

Now a new video has appeared almost 3 minutes, shown in detail every contour of iPhone 7 and is compared side by side with the iPhone 6s.

Among the most outstanding aspects is the fact that the line of the antenna has been redesigned to give a cleaner look somewhat to the rear of the unit. Also, the camera is still out of the smartphone body, but the edges have softened.

It is recalled that for now, Samsung has managed to slightly outsell flagship Apple with its Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, so South Koreans have a new opportunity to excel with their new Note device, which could be presented soon.

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