Again the horror in Syria: a video showing the beheading of a boy of 12 years

Civil war Abdullah Issa was a Palestinian refugee child. Syrian rebels out of the camp where she lived and cut his throat, accused of fighting for the forces of Assad.
vidoe of killing

Two videos released Tuesday by social networks shows Syrian rebel fighters behead a boy of 12 years after capture in Aleppo, northern Syria.

The images show the son of a family of Palestinian refugees poor child, identified as Abdullah Issa, sitting in what looks like the back of a van-type “pick up”, surrounded by five fighters. One of them grabs her hair with one hand, while with the other strokes his chin.

In the second of the videos, you see one of the suspected insurgents beheading with a knife the child, who is lying face low in the van.

Another fighter shouts: “We will not let anyone in Handarat”, a village north of Aleppo where rebels and forces face of the Syrian regime.

Amnesty International said in a report released in July Islamists and jihadis active in Syria rebels were guilty of war crimes and accused them of “a terrifying wave of kidnappings, torture and summary executions”.

The humanitarian organization said in its report five rebel groups operating in northern Syria, including the Islamist group Nureddin Zinki.

According OSDH rebels appear in the recording of the beheading of children are fighters Zinki Nureddin.

The rebel group issued a statement claiming that beheading is “an individual error that does not represent the general policy of the group.” “People who made ​​the infraction were arrested and handed over ” to a commission of inquiry, said Nureddin Zinki.

The Nuredin to Zinki Movement is led by Sheikh Taufiq Shahabudin, and acts, especially in the province of Aleppo.

According to Rami Abdel Rahmane, director of OSDH, “the boy does not have more than 13 years, he was captured Tuesday in the region Handarat, but the incident occurred in an area of ​​Aleppo in the hands of the rebels, namely the Al Mashhad neighborhood to be precise”.

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