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The company founded by Jack Dorsey, who was born to send messages with a maximum of 140 characters only allowed from Wednesday 118 if you include a photo or a link address (actually very common). The reduction will to 117 in the case that the link is HTTPS. In fact, the link holds slightly more condensed so the overall tweet only lose two characters. The greatest effect will suffer the author’s text, which will remain in those 118 or 117 symbols.

But as soon as it is the only update Twitter. It has also begun to assess the quality of the messages, in a strategy that seems designed to improve data mining and subsequent IPO.

The social network begins to appreciate the tweets. Within each message will include information on the value of each message: none, low, medium or high. There will be an indicator or a colored arrow … At least in appearance. Not receive anything, because they are metadata, are included within the code of each tweet, are part of his anatomy.

This change is aimed at developers who make applications based on Twitter. This way you can better choose which messages are of interest and which are irrelevant.

So today is the user may not notice anything special, but gradually, as you gain popularity as followers, total retweets and generate win followers shared conversations or messages more relevant.

The system is similar to the top tweets , which is like brand the service created by Jack Dorsey most relevant posts on the ‘Discover’, where as recommended contents of user preferences.

Twitter, with over 500 million registered users and about to turn seven years of life, and tries to solve one of their biggest problems, noise.Since its inception focused as a form of interpersonal communication. Of course it still is, but as it has grown in popularity this function has been diluted.

The negative side is precisely the criterion. It sure is an algorithm which weights each message, but also to be sure is controversial. What happens when more than one is found not so much weight as you think?Not to mention advertisers … Will they be able to assume that not enough pay in order to become relevant in the global conversation?

Arne Roomann-Kurrik is the developer responsible for the changes . In recent days has attempted to address some of these concerns to building applications with Twitter content. One of the most interesting suggestions is to include a button to rate the content in the same way that Facebook has a “Like” and Google “+1”.

This change can be interesting, for example, that the media can collect the most important tweets about an event like the Oscars, for the author of a book knows the most influential or reviews for brands to better manage source the increasingly frequent scandals generated in social networks.

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