Microsoft alters its strategy with the tablet Surface

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The company generates most of its revenue to licensing software, not hardware manufacturing

Microsoft alters its strategy with the tablet Surface

When Microsoft introduced Surface , your tablet, were many who were surprised, because the main business model of the company (software license ) is far more profitable than producing hardware .Among them is Stan Shih , founder of Acer , who believes Microsoftwill leave the market after launching these early tablets.

Thus, according to Shih, the Redmond company will get attract theattention of manufacturersof these devices, as the very Acer orSamsung , which currently produce Android tablets .

Therefore, Microsoft “does not really intend to sell tablets with your own brand. ” “Once the objective has been achieved, Microsoft will not offer more models , “said Shih, as recorded by DigiTimes . However, it believes that manufacturers should interpret the launch of the terminalas something positive because it will benefit from the advertising campaigns that make the company.

The problem is that, apparently, the presentation of Surface was also asurprise to most of the partners of Microsoft in the market forpersonal computers . Has been told Reuters , the company warned them about their plans until shortly before the announcement of the tablet .

This has now have to compete with each other , as expected, but also the company that created the operating system that will work with their devices, Windows 8 . Some of these companies, like Dell , have already given their opinion, but with diplomacy . Microsoft is an important partner for Dell and we are hoping to launch a full range of Windows 8 tablets , “he said in a statement sent to CNET .


However, Shih’s suspicions contrast with the enthusiasm shown by Steve Ballmer , CEO ofMicrosoft , in an email sent to employees of the company after submission of S urface .

In this email, which has had access GeekWire , Ballmer, after proclaiming his love for the company, explains that Surface “complements the work” of its OEM and “holds the vision ofWindows 8 . ” However, he explained what his plans for the device.

In addition, the manager took the opportunity to recall some of the highlights of Microsoftthroughout the year and to announce ” more great news and encouragement “to the divisions of Windows Phone and Microsoft Office , but gave no details.

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