Critical issues in science and technology in the Meta

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Used to start building the Strategic Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation Goal.

The task undertaken by the Government of Target, together with public, academia and the productive sector to project the scientific and technological development of the department in 2032, will have to overcome four critical points identified in the study by the External University of Colombia.

The diagnosis, which is part of the construction process of the Strategic Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (pectin) of Meta, as critics pointed out:

1. The qualification and strengthening of research centers. Furthermore, only one of 50 research groups that are in the Target is a Category A1 (maximum of Colciencias), 52% are in category D and 32% are not categorized by Colciencias.

2. The positioning of intellectual production in CTI to the world. Although there are publications and intellectual production in the Unillanos, is still far in the Latin American Research ranking (position 488 in Latin America and 596 in Latin America).

3. The establishment of doctoral programs aligned with betting productive.From Meta no doctoral programs and only in the second half of 2012, start an aquaculture Unillanos and most undergraduate programs, and master technology are in the social sciences.

4. Improving the ability to design and manage projects to funding agencies.

The study reveals that between 2006 and 2010, the target does not present any bill passed by Colciencias. In addition, there is low use of resources raised by the 1286 Act of 2009 and investment in S & T in the department.

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Within the process of building the Strategic Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (pectin) of Meta, the next step will be the completion of the second workshop with the various public and private stakeholders of the department, scheduled for Monday June 25 at the 40 Avenue headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Villavicencio.

There will continue with the task of identifying and analyzing factors that influence change in the development of science, technology and innovation in the department, which began last Tuesday in the first workshop convened, in order to continue the construction of the Plan.


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