Only 10 percent of respondents plan to buy the iPhone 7

The next iPhone may not make blow sales records, according to a new survey by online magazine Quartz.
Only 10 percent of iPhone users in the US He said it would be likely or very likely to update their device this year if not Apple redesigns its flagship product, according to the survey conducted among 525 owners of iPhone in the US . That’s a significant difference compared with 25 percent of respondents who are extremely interested or very interested in updating your phone every time a redesign of iPhone appears.

IPhone sales fell for the first time in the first quarter of 2016 and are expected to show another drop in the second quarter. A new design on the phone, which will probably be called iPhone 7 could encourage interest. But many reports say that the model this year recorded only minor physical changes and it will be the version next year which will thrill consumers really attractive improvements.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Returning to the results of the survey, about 46 percent said they would be nothing likely to update their iPhone this year if the new model is not redesigned. About 33 percent said they would not be as likely to do so. And 11 percent said they would be likely to be updated. Overall, 90 percent of respondents essentially said “bah” to a new iPhone that has no new important functions.

A report that appeared in May in the Japanese newspaper Nikkei said that Apple could switch to a three – year cycle to launch a major redesign of iPhone, instead of the current two – year cycle. How would you respond respondents to this change? A significant 70 percent said they would be very or extremely likely to change their habits update to fit the three – year cycle of Apple.

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