Firefox 18 Beta comes with a new JavaScript engine IonMonkey

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Mozilla has released a beta of Firefox 18 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux releases. It adds support for Apple’s Retina display with OS X 10.7, improved touch support and the new JavaScript engine IonMonkeyThe latter will increase JavaScript performance over Firefox 17 to 25 percent.

IonMonkey compiled scripting language runtime, so a Just-in-time (JIT) compilerCompiles the browser in this way, instead of interpreting it as before, the program will run as fast as native software, which results in faster page load times.

Additionally, the research beta of Firefox 18 preliminary support for the real-time communication standard WebRTCA new HTML-scaling algorithm is to provide a better representation of images.The switch between tabs was also accelerated as the response when using a proxy. The HTML 5 support Mozilla has added support for W3C touch events that replace MozTouch events. Insecure content on HTTPS pages can be turned off now, if this function “about: config” in activation.

Developers can, according to the release notes now Flexbox CSS3 elements, the CSS rule @ supports and the new DOM property window.devicePixelRatio use. They also benefit from a faster startup due to intelligent processing of extension signed certificates.

With the desktop version, Mozilla has a beta of Firefox 18 for Android releasedIt aims to support the first mobile browser Safe Browsing and provides integration with the search widget fromGoogle Now. Mozilla also promises an improved update experience through code optimizations and support for additional fonts. It also has fixed some problems, so users can enable search suggestions when typing in the Awesome Bar, and now optional talkback with Android 4.2, only the bottom of the page announces, when the screen is touched. The release notes list all the new features and known errors.

The final 18 will appear in Firefox, according to Mozilla’s schedule the first week of January 2013th

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