Change the rules between mobile operators and users

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SIC asks eliminate financial requirements, billing or choice of equipment contracts.

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) on Thursday issued a public statement in which he reports on the requirement that will make Comcel, Movistar and Tigo to delete certain clauses immediately making up their contracts to provide service to the public.


These clauses, identified by the SIC as “prohibited under the Comprehensive Scheme for the Protection of Rights of Members of the Communication Services” were selected after visiting and analyzing the minutes of each contract operators in question.

Clauses must be modified:

1. Related credit limit. According to the SIC, in service contracts Comcel, Movistar and Tigo are clauses that give the operator the power to grant the user credit limit, which corresponds to the maximum for which will be paid the contracted service.

Pray that share the minutes of the contract, acceptance is mandatory and may be changed unilaterally by the operator without the mediation of the user.

2. Electronic bill. The SIC investigation determined that Comcel and Tigo people to sign his contract, accept that your monthly bill will be sent by email, which limits the choice of people on the manner or form how they would like your monthly bill.

3. Number portability. He says the SIC as a public communication Tigo has a clause in their service bill which requires the client to report, 10 days before the cutoff date of his contract, his decision to port your number to another operator so we can cancel service. This, says the SIC, goes against the norm, as the portability can be invoked at any time by the people.

4. Freedom of choice. According to the SIC, in contracts for Comcel and Movistar, there are clauses which state that the equipment will be delivered frozen to your customers so they can not be used on another network until such time terminate the contract, which goes against article with the already stipulated in advance of the “opening band” that is binding on other regulations. operators have 15 days to make such modifications in the terms of their contracts of service and to inform existing customers such items not have effect. Then three days later, must prove to the SIC for compliance with the prohibitions. DRAFTING TECHNOLOGY


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