Firefox 17 Beta is ready for testing

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Mozilla has released a beta version of Firefox 17 for testing. Also Thunderbird 17 beta can be tested extensively.

After the release of Firefox 16 or the hastily problems due to a vulnerability of Mozilla Firefox 16.0.1 , now the development of change Firefox 17 from previous Aurora in the beta status. Most important change is the integration of a new API for social networks into the browser.
The new Social API to allow future developers to integrate social networks to better their developments. Developers can find on this website all the necessary information about the new Social API for Firefox. Initial tests for new API will perform together with the Mozilla beta testers soon.
With Mozilla Firefox 17 Beta is the also the new security feature “Click to Play” for plug-ins. The start of the so-labeled plug-ins will continue automatically blocked if these plug-ins are no longer safe or outdated. The user is then informed and to update the plug-ins asked how the developers in this blog post to explain.

According to the release notes for Firefox 17 Beta is now on the browser and the new Notification Center of MacOS X 10.8 support. There are also several minor bug fixes and improvements. The so-called Awesome Bar, for example, donated more icons. Also in a first beta version now available for Thunderbird 17 is available.
Under current plans to the final version of Firefox already followed in less than a month: On 20 November. This should then have been the last great final version of Firefox in 2012.
Originally 2012 following versions of Firefox have been released: Firefox 10, Firefox 11, Firefox 12, Firefox 13, Firefox 14 (it appeared directly Firefox 14.0.1), Firefox 15, Firefox 15.0.1, Firefox 16 and Firefox 16.0.1.

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