HTC One M9 significantly improves the quality of photo sensor

Good news for HTC One M9 users, since its firmware should be updated between now and next week to improve picture capabilities as the M9 One of HTC suffers from some flaws on its picture part.

In full reviews of the HTC One M9 , some people really appreciated the phone’s camera. Certainly, the pictures were much more accurate than the One M8 but the white balance were too capricious and the level of detail was strange sometimes in adverse lighting conditions.

If one believes the Twitter account of Jason Mackenzie, president of the American branch of HTC, a new firmware is being prepared to improve the quality of photos taken with HTC One M9 . The man said that the update will be deployed today or next Friday (April 17) by the operator. If this information is valid for US operators, it is not necessarily the case for other countries.

This new firmware might therefore correct software defects from picture part of the M9 . If the sensor has an important role when taking a photo, software processing that follows is equally important. This is especially the one who sets the white balance. For some detailed pictures in low light, the firmware could improve the situation, but in a way perhaps less convincing. We must therefore wait for the users feedback to determine if this update allows the One M9 better defend themselves on his picture part.

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