Asus ZenFone: smartphone with a dual-camera sensor

Asus_ ZenFone

CES, the doors of the largest exhibition for electronics in Las Vegas will open in two weeks but in the meantime, most manufacturers have decided to give us a taste of the new they will present it. This time Asus has released on its social media page proves to be a little less mysterious.

Leaks and rumors have already confirmed a new range of ZenFone was in preparation. So it is a characteristic that has decided to put forward to revive our curiosity: the camera. Judging by the teaser and description, it will rest on a double sensor and allow users to “see what others can not see.”

Thought confirmed by the images that precede the appearance of this slogan we see the smartphone turn slowly scroll until you see a number of pictures which can reasonably think that it is the objective of ZenFone. Moreover, a curious image seems to show us two sensors side by side. Is it a simple mirror effect for image purposes, or Asus has he actually planned two sensors?

This can mean many things depending on the nature of the two onboard sensors. The second could measure the depth of field for more accurate 3D effects as the One (M8) or capture images at once that the first to improve the focus and brightness as the Huawei Honor 6 More. What is certain is that the pixelmaster technology is ready to step it up and this can only be a good thing.

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