Instagram launches Boomerang Application to convert photos into mini videos

Instagram, announced  a new tool called “Boomerang” for the achievement of short videos broadcast in a second loop and designed to compete with the animated images. It is now available for free on the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Instagram constantly introducing new features on its platform or new applications that can be used together.
Boomerang “lets you turn everyday moments into fun and unexpected” says resources. 
Transform an ordinary selfie with dears in fun video. This is an application to quickly create animated sequences from photos. Specifically, the application uses the camera of the mobile to take 5 photos consecutively for 1 second and then assembled to form a video without sound that is played at the spot and backwards. Each Boomerang is kept in the smartphone gallery as a 4-second video and can be quickly shared on Facebook or Instagram.

Boomerang, like Layout and Hyperlapse, is expected to enlarge the user base of its sharing service and increase user activity on the network. The application, however, is facing stiff competition from other services like Snapchat, which allows to send messages or photos self-destructing after a few seconds and is very popular with young smartphone users.


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