Xiaomi Arch- a both sided curved smartphone

Xiaomi will really be the first manufacturer in market with a smartphone having curved screen on both sides. Can be some doubts about this information, taken from an image relayed by the resources . If it is authentic, it would be a surprise from the Chinese manufacturer. Indeed, Xiaomi rather accustomed us to market some innovative products in material terms, but which take existing databases by providing an unbeatable price. Successfully exit a smartphone with a curved screen on both sides would be a feat for the Chinese manufacturer, especially as Samsung has likely spent a lot in research and development for its Galaxy Note Edge screen. As the Edge, features “deported” consultation notifications (for mail, the account Facbook , etc …) occupy the edges touch curves of the unit.

The Arch Xiaomi appeared accompanied by a very explicit text stating that it is the first mobile with a curved screen on both sides. However, the concept leaves a big question: How Xiaomi – and scarce resources – can it engage in the production of a type of mobile even Samsung is unable to produce large scale (Edge stocks are very limited )? The authenticity of the image is not proven, the risk is great not to have to do but a “fake” again. As long as the manufacturer has not confirmed or denied the information, the Arch will remain an attractive concept (and a nice rumor), but nothing more.

This smartphone is likely to emerge from Xiaomi but we believe it is not for now, unless the Chinese giant has decided to totally revise its plans for 2015. It would be very surprising from the company that is trying for the time to come out of Asia by landing slowly in countries around the world with its proven terminals.

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