Moto X Force: smartphone with an unbreakable screen

Slipping from our hands half the time, falling when we want to put it in our pocket , raising us as we had on us , sometimes our smartphones die hard and we do know. According to the resources,  42% users would refuse to repair them because of the cost and 23% continue to use their mobile ignoring damage. More unusual, 7% of the population would have broken their screen during a selfie and 5% by throwing their phone to someone. 

Motorola has heard its customers and created the Moto X Force, European version of the Droid 2 Turbo with unbreakable screen. The ShatterShield technology offers the superposition of five separate layers. Starting with a stable aluminum base on which the flexible AMOLED slab, followed by a tactile layer of double thickness and a protective anti-scratch glass and shock. Refine the history of all, the manufacturer has even added a protective film. Motorola warrants 4 years for its screen.

Fortunately, Moto X Force has not its screen to make. His skills are pretty enticing:

   A 5.4-inch AMOLED screen (1440 x 2560px) 
  Internal Storage 32GB to 64GB expandable with MicroSD card 
  Rear Camera 21 megapixel front and 5 megapixel 
  3760 mAh Battery (enough to hold 48 hours without recharging, by Motorola)

The smartphone is, like other brand products, customizable on the platform to choose from several colors and materials. There are particular skins leather or ballistic nylon (the material used for bulletproof vests) for even more security. Its price is between 624 and 720 dollars depending on its storage capacity.

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