Nokia C1: the first smartphone that evolve on Android and Windows 10

The Finnish brand, Nokia has disappeared from the smartphone market but rumors also gave hope that the duo of Microsoft and Nokia is coming up with a new smartphone, Nokia C1 that could evolve on two mobile operating systems: Android and Windows 10.

Rumors suggest that this new model would be compatible with both mobile OS. Recall that Nokia holds a patent that allows the user to choose from two different mobile OS. If these reports are not just rumors, the Nokia C1 will be available in four colors, gray, gold and pink and white. The buttons should be grouped on the edge of the smartphone and can be distinguished a photo sensor with its LED flash.

The smartphone is rather nice with its metal frame and pastel colors on the back. Screen edges also seem fairly thin. It is not the desire to believe that it is indeed the Nokia C1 is lacking, but simply that too many suspicious elements surrounding this visual.

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