Tesla’s New Battery Could Solve One of Solar Power’s Biggest Problems

Today we got very dated and somewhat less substance. If a little while ago we learned that the deployment of Google operator was imminent, now it’s the turn of Elon Musk and his boys Tesla , who want us to advance their household batteries are just around the corner.

Tesla announced back in February that he intended to reach our homes – good for Americans – and wanted to do it in six months with a contrived to live our batteries. This time, nothing to do with cars orrockets.


It seems not have to wait long to find out more, Elon Musk announced that there will be official presentation of the new product next April 30 . Today we can relate that date to a statement made ​​to investors who have come to light in which it is stated that the protagonist of the event will be the aforementioned “ batteries for home “:

“He will introduce the battery to house Tesla and longer battery level designed for public services”, “we will explain the advantages of our solutions and why other battery options in the past did not work.” Jeff Evanson, responsible of Investor Relations

That said, it seems that we are going to teach a new battery technology, or apply what they have learned somehow a household product. The idea is that the batteries become a complement to solar power as a method of storage .

The presentation will take place at the Hawthorne Design Studio they have in California, we have that is not where you usually have cars. It also anticipates that these new batteries will be built in its gleaming Gigafactory they have in Nevada.

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