HTC and Microsoft working together on… HTC One M9 for Windows?

The Taiwanese  HTC  is a great company, a pioneer in the market both Android with its first devices, and  Windows Phone . However, following the launch of  Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC, has not been moving out with the operating system of the Redmond company .


The return to the fold of Microsoft started as a rumor at the time, more or less at the time of launch of HTC One M8 with Android, when not ruled out also a version with Windows Phone. The rumors became reality and August 19, 2014 met the  HTC One M8 for Windows , a high range of good performance which has just come out in America. Currently, AT & T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile operators can market them without looking like it will get hit by obsolete in the near future.

In this 2015, Microsoft has confirmed that more companies plan to launch Windows Phone mobile devices, ready for upgrade to Windows 10, the Taiwanese are among these companies, probably with a new device. The  bad news  would be that, again, could focus exclusively on the American market, with operators mentioned. Today, sources close to HTC, have argued that in recent days it is working with Microsoft to launch a new product. In an interview with Chang, CEO of HTC, neither confirmed nor denied a Windows version of its current flagship.

No published anything about dates and forecasts ,  but it is rumored that this mobile device will be available in July or August, coinciding with the probable dates for the official launch of Windows 10  for mobile phones. It could be one of the first companies to present to the market using the new version of Windows Phone. HTC is characteristic of pioneering new systems and platforms, so expect to see the M9 with Windows and analyze its performance.

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