Microsoft fined for imposing browser

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The European Commission plans to fine the company for the lack of Microsoft Windows operating system to choose a browser. The only browser that offers users Windows – Internet Explorer – is also developing Microsoft.

The penalty for violation of antitrust laws may be imposed by the end of March . “Browser” Microsoft case has dragged on for more than ten years. The software developer has already received several warnings from the European regulators, but did not fulfill the requirements.

In 2011 the company began to blame the fact that it prevents the browser settings from other developers in the version of the operating system Windows 8 for tablets. If in the case Microsoft is found guilty, she could be fined up to 10% of its annual turnover, according to “Times Online” .

MIcrosoft Browser

MIcrosoft Browser

In 2009, the Commission ordered the company to Steve Ballmer show startup PC box with a choice of browser – not just Internet Explorer, but Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others. However, in Windows 7, released in October of 2009, this function has not appeared. In Microsoft explained the lack of windows “technical error” and promised to add it in the future.

Add that to 2008, the share of Internet Explorer (IE) in the European browser market fell by almost half . According to statistics from StatCounter, in January 2013th IE ranked third in popularity with 24%. Held the first Google Chrome (35%), and the second – Mozilla Firefox (29%).

This is not the first time that Microsoft was obliged to pay a fine. Thus, the main tax office in France filed a tax assets to the local branch of Microsoft Corporation . Management of non-payment of claims by 52.5 million euros.

The tax authorities have suggested that the company used various offshore schemes to withdraw money outside France . Thus, it reduces the amount of proceeds, that allowed it to avoid paying corporate tax.

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