Increase WiFi range by 10 times via LED

Researchers at Oregon State University , US, have discovered a method to multiply by 10 the speed of a WiFi network in certain areas. The technique involves the use of LED lights and is not only cheap, but also integrates seamlessly with existing networks.


WIFO called the prototype, consisting of a LED light emitting frequency range invisible to the human eye but whose modulation can transfer data at high speeds. Each LED emits a cone with a range of about one meter in diameter. The resulting area is small, but the signal can be output from LEDs to cover an entire area from the ceiling.

The system is able to provide a transfer rate of 50 to 100 Mbps per second. This speed is the same as that of the current WiFi networks, but there is a nuance. In conventional access networks, the speed is divided by the number of users. WIFO offers the same rate at all without having to share the available bandwidth.

Thinh Nguyen, associate professor of electrical and electronic engineering professor at theUniversity of Oregon and one of the authors of the study, believes the technology would be particularly useful to provide connection in crowded areas such as airports, coffee shops and train stations. Its only drawback is that it is an optical signal, so that the receiving devices must have viewing area with issuers to run. In other words, no use to the receiver inside a bag or pocket.

WIFO receiver signal is a tiny photodiode that can be integrated on a USB device for existing equipment, or mount it on smartphones, laptops or tablets. The project is supported by theNational Science Foundation of the United States . [Via OSU ]

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