Google allows you to export search history

Users were able to see the history, but now you can also export it to your computer. All you have to do is go to Google account historical and click on the top right icon and select download. From there, Google has some safety tips you should take note of 100%. Once you choose to download, Google will compile your search history in JSON files, and make it available via their dedicated service. Google will take care of you even send it to you when your search history is ready. It will automatically be stored in Google Drive and will be organized chronologically by quarter.

There are many things that Google can do with your search history, customize advertisements to combine multiple search histories to find patterns that a professor of political science has discovered that 3 to 4 million people do could not register to vote in 2012 because of the summary voter registration restrictions. Google even attempts to predict who you are based on your search history, if his assumptions are often a bit off-base. Although Google has not a perfectly accurate demographic profile of you, he still has a good idea of ​​your desires and habits.

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