15 Keys to Understanding Google Project Fi

Google Project Fi is the new venture of the company now wants to expand further in the mobile world to offer cell phone service.


In addition to the most popular mobile operating system in the world and their own devices that carry the Nexus brand, Google started its services as a telephone operator in the USwith an interesting proposal.

The new service from Google, Project F i, does not work exactly like carriers like AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon.Listed below 15 points to help you understand a little more to Google Project Fi.

  1. Google Project combines Fi networks Sprint and T-Mobile as well as Wi-Fi for better coverage.
  2. The service automatically switches between Sprint, T-Mobile and Wi-Fi networks, depending on which connection is stronger and more stable. Google claims that this process does not make a call from falling when connecting a cellular network to Wi-Fi, or vice versa is transferred.
  3. It is a prepaid cell phone service, so there is a contract or fee for canceling the service.
  4. The service has a starting price of US $ 20 for calls and unlimited texts, unlimited international text, tethering and coverage in over 120 countries.
  5. You can add data service additional $ 10 per 1GB ($ 20 for 2GB, $ 30 for 3GB, etc.).
  6. You will receive a credit for your unused data. For example, if you choose the plan with 2GB for $ 40 (US $ 20 initial for calls and texts, plus $ 20 2GB) and only use 1.5GB, $ 5 for the remaining 500MB will be credited to your next month.
  7. If you spend consumer data, Google will not charge you a high rate. For example, chose the same plan of 2GB ($ 40) but you used 2.3GB, $ 3 will be added to your next bill.
  8. You get 4G LTE speeds where available in the US but in other countries will be limited to 3G, where available.
  9. The app Fi Project will offer you information about your consumption your plan account and access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via telephone or email.
  10. You can receive calls, text and voice messages on computers and tablets , like other phones with Android , iOS, Windows, Mac OS and Chrome through Google Hangouts . You can also make calls and texting.
  11. For now, the only cell supported for this service is the Nexus 6 , but support other phones in the future would increase.
  12. You need to request an invitation to start using Google Project Fi.
  13. Use a SIM card.
  14. You can transfer your number to Google Project Fi As you enroll.
  15. In public Wi-Fi networks use a VPN connection to keep your information safe and provide security.

Google Project Fi is a new service that will be tested in the coming days or weeks to see how well the automatic transition between T-Mobile, like Wi-Fi networks of Sprint and cellular networks

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