Project Fi, the new virtual operator Google

Google wants to get filled in every field you can. It entered the mobile phone with Android, in watches with Android Wear, in cars with Android Auto and homes with Nest, but now returns to penetrate a little deeper into our daily lives. Project Fi is the new virtual operator of Google with which the company wants to make the Big G ​​competition to convenciales operators .


Currently the operator is only available for Google Nexus 6 and only in America , so surely we have to consider two things:

  1. The OMV Google is in a very, very early stage and still needs much work.
  2. Will take to get everyone a few months.

Google will do as follows . For $ 20 we do not know how much it will translate into euros will have all the basics (calls, SMS, mobile Internet and international coverage in more than 120 countries) and for every $ 10 we -2 GB 1 GB of data for $ 20, 3 GB for 30 and so on. Yes, if you paid $ 30 for 3 GB and only consume 1 GB -equivalent to 10 dollars, 20 dollars the other 2 GB will be returned to us , so we will only pay for what they consume.

Currently, the mobile virtual operator -OMV- of Google is available through T-Mobile and Sprint, but only in the US and only if we have a Google Nexus 6. Something very interesting is that the number of open lines Fi Project ” live in the cloud “, ie can send messages and make voice calls from a computer or laptop without having to use your mobile . This is all the information we have about about Project Fi. We will inform you as we know more.

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Raj Kumar Mishra
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