Mass Effect Vs The Higgs boson

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Following the latest scientific findings, we try to make the relationship of Mass Effect with real physics.

Physicists are excited. As many of you know, at CERN (the largest research laboratory in the world of particle physics) believe they have “found” the so-called Higgs boson . We have seen in all media, but what is it? Explained in a very condensed form, the particle would make possible that the particles have mass. We are made of particles, so, being simplistic, we could say that is what makes us the command of our consoleIt seems a simple concept, but would prove its existence to verify that the current model of particle physics (called standard model ) is correct. That is, we would know for sure what causes the particles have mass.

Often we are releasing you roll, right? Come, let us turn to the field of gaming. The you’ve played any installment of Mass Effect know that the mass relays are key to the plot. This is a superstructure scattered through the universe, that make “bridge” for the ships to travel almost instantaneously from one place to another. This is largely due to interaction with fictional material element zero or eezo . If we pause Mass Effect 3 and we grant the Codex, we can read their description:

“The limited material known as zero element reacts to electric currents so that emits a field of dark energy that increases or decreases the mass of nearby objects . “


This increase or decrease in mass of the objects is called mass effect (hence the title game).Among other uses, serves in the game space travel to a speed exceeding the speed of light . But how exactly that speed is reached? The Codex of the game explains:

“The zero element subjected to electric currents may increase or decrease the mass contained in a volume of space-time. If the current is positive, the mass increases. If the current is negative, the mass decreases. The greater the current, the greater is the magnitude of the mass effect of dark energy. “


To sum up:

– Apply an electrical current to zero element.

– Because of this, the zero element generates a field of dark energy.

– Dark energy reduces the mass of objects (for example, a ship).

– Having very low mass, the spacecraft reaches a speed exceeding the speed of light.


Is this plausible in real physics? To find out, we have not spared any expense, they would say in Jurassic Park . We spoke to several sources & Without a more thorough investigation, this is what we have answered:

Is there really dark energy? What is it?
” dark energy “exists” theoretically, but practically nothing is known about it. Dark energy is the name given to the force that should exist to justify the fact that galaxies move away from each other, although the gravitational force that would attract. To fit the theory of gravity ,Einstein had to put a constant in his equations reflecting the tendency of space to expand was limited except by the mass that inhabited . This constant was the cosmological constant , explaining why the universe does not collapse on itself. Later it was discovered that the universe’s expansion is not constant but is accelerating ever more. This complicates matters further for theories, but the fact it is known that the expansion is not constant means that we no longer speak of the cosmological constant, but dark energy. “


Does the fact that an element may increase or decrease the mass of an object nearby?

“You can convert an object’s mass into energy through certain processes. For example, by nuclear fusion.”

And this would serve to meet or exceed the speed of light?

“No. Only massless particles can reach the speed of light . The only particles that can be found in the present universe are massless photons (ie light). Therefore, only light can travel to the speed of light. In any case, a particle can travel at higher speed. “

Does all this have to do with the Higgs boson?

“No. The Higgs boson is a particle that creates a field that interacts with the particles. Some do not interact at all (the photons) and therefore are not slowed down to cross the field. That’s called not having mass. Other particles interact much to the field and are stopped, and these are said to have much mass. That is, the mass is a measure of the interaction with the Higgs field and is not something that can be manipulated in a particle. What you can do is manipulate the mass based on a macroscopic scale to change the number of particles. That is, adding or removing material. 


Closed boson

Well, breathe a little, a lot of data quickly. To summarize, the theory presented in Mass Effect is NOT valid . First, because it is not possible to exceed the speed of light. Only photons are capable of going at that speed and in any case are able to overcome it. And second, because you can not change the mass of the objects unless they lose matter.


For if you do not it is clear that the Higgs boson, here is an example “earthly” we put our friend:

” Imagine that the universe is at E3. Journalists inside are the Higgs bosons, and together create a Higgs field. When you enter a room an unknown gamer journalists ignore, ie, offer no resistance passing through the room. the unknown gamer has no mass. However, if suddenly someone enters the room famous reporters offer much resistance in its path. Famous therefore have much mass. “


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