Hispalinux Demand Microsoft for the “Boot captive” of Windows 8

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Microsoft is quite used to getting legal sanctions. The latest came earlier this month, when the company founded by Bill Gates was sentenced to a fine of € 561 million for failing to offer alternatives to choose another browser other than Internet Explorer in Windows 7.



Now the multinational is facing a new conflict. This time is the Spanish association of users of Linux,Hispalinux , which sues Microsoft. The association, which has more than 8,000 members, filed the lawsuit Tuesday against Microsoft before the Madrid headquarters of the European Commission.

Linux users complain that some devices that incorporate Windows 8, Microsoft has made ​​it difficult to switch from Windows to other operating systems, including Linux itself. ” The mechanics of the system control computers boot configuration misuse thereof to exclude alternative technologies for anticompetitive reasons “, explained in a statement .

Windows 8 Hispalinux defined as a captive system , as it prevents any other boot different operating system, ostensibly to protect the safety of users and devices. A situation that has come with the connivance of the hardware manufacturers: ” Thus, any program to operate in the market where Microsoft has a dominant position must have the consent of Microsoft.’s say software producers must agree with Microsoft. Not with the consumer . “

Again referring to the oft-mentioned abuse of dominant position of the Redmond company: ” To achieve the control systems of the computers boot Microsoft is having to negotiate, or more likely, give instructions, given its position of market dominance and in their interest to strike to computer manufacturers . “

The association believes that Microsoft has reached agreements with other manufacturers threaten the entire European software industry, not just open source, as well as being unfair competition and anobstacle to enjoy innovation . ” The incentive software market competition moves that achieves its quality advantage to acceptance and subordination to the criteria and the strategic behavior of Microsoft “.

In conclusion, ” To achieve the control systems of the computers boot Microsoft is having to negotiate, or more likely, give instructions, given its dominant position in the market and in their interest to give the coup makers computers “. For all this, Hispalinux think is necessary the intervention of the European Commission, as it may be in breach of Community law .

Not only that, also rule out committing a crime against consumers , and that limiting benefits for the product to be purchased could undermine the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users.

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