Google wanted to buy Tesla Motors, successful electric carmaker

The billionaire Elon Musk looked in 2013 to sell his company for $ s6.000 million, according to excerpts from a book on the life of the entrepreneur.

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In Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX and finding a fantastic future , which will appear on May 19, journalist BloombergAshlee Vance tells how in early 2013 Tesla had to face technical problems with its Model S, future star saloon .Unable to deliver the agreed amount of vehicles, the company is “on the verge of bankruptcy,” according to excerpts from the book published by the news agency Bloomberg .
During the first week of 2013, Elon Musk contacted the co-founder of Google Larry Page, the document said, citing two sources close to the process.
This proposed buy Tesla for $ s6.000 million and promised another US $ 5000 million in additional investments to expand the factories. Elon Musk wanted, among others, the guarantee of preserving the direction of the company for eight years.
Questioned by the author, Larry Page said he would “not speculate on rumors” and that “a car manufacturer is far removed from what Google can do”. According to sources of the book, however, have accepted the main lines of the agreement, and negotiations continued during the following weeks.
In early May of that year, to everyone’s surprise, Tesla announced its first net profit in its history, the company finally sold enough Model S. Tesla shares soared and Elon Musk broke off negotiations with Google. “I did not need a savior,” Ashlee Vance writes.
Last year the rumors about the possible purchase of Tesla by another heavyweight Silicon Valley, Apple broke. At that time Elon Musk said there had been “conversations” between his group and the brand of apple, without specifying its nature.
While Google, with driverless cars among its futuristic projects, spent several months in another company of Elon Musk: with the investment fund Fidelity, took a stake of just under 10% in society space transport SpaceX by US $ 1,000 million.

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