Renting an Apple Watch, option to show off the clock

The firm will offer Apple Watch Lease rent the ‘gadget’ to one month’s $ 50; The company will lease the only Americans to pay a fee clock security.


The property is outdated. Now everything from jewelry and watches through toys and clothes, you can rent.

It is a service model that is gaining traction among people who want to keep up with the trends, and lovers of this process of shopping that involves buying and returning.

From June or July these consumers can add another product to your list of just-what-want-for-a-little while: the watch Apple Watch.

Zak Kidd, founder of the company that will offer Apple Watch Lease rent these watches, says it acquired “more than a dozen” devices Apple Watch Sport last weekend when he was released the newest gadget from Apple.

Why rent a watch from Apple instead of buying one? Given the comments that say that the first version is more or less, some people do not want to spend $ 350 or more on a device that want to update a year later, when Apple launched the Apple Watch 2 in 2016. However, the current clock could be good enough to borrow it for a while.

Kidd did not elaborate on the terms of the lease, he would only say that each rental period would last less than a year, with monthly rates probably below $ 50.

A bond or deposit of “significant” collateral will also be required, and only US residents can rent watches.

When the business finally gains momentum, it might be possible to pay $ 150 to have the device for 10 months rather than pay $ 350 for a watch that want to change after one year.

“We’re not trying to make it cheaper or more affordable rather not think the clock keeps its value within a year.”

Watch Apple’s success depends Lease clocks are returned in good condition and on time.Otherwise, Kidd and his company lose money (the difference between the cost of the watch and the security deposit).

The fundamental flaw in the business of Kidd seems to be the resale market. Apple products maintain a high resale value, iPhones two years old can reach several hundred dollars on eBay, Amazon and other sites. Is not this the same applies for Apple Watch? If you buy one for $ 350, could not you get for it a couple of hundred dollars next year, eliminating the need to rent one?

Kidd does not think so. “We do not think that clock of $ 350 can be sold for more than $ 200 within a year,” he says.

The employer of 38 years based in Washington believed that the specifications of the next version -the battery life, a more slender body, covered raincoat made the first obsolete stay.

The other flaw could be that “significant” damage deposit. The person who is able to pay the bail probably not the kind of person who would rent a Apple Watch.

Xavier Dominicis, spokesman and vice president of public affairs for Rent-A-Center agrees.In his view, Apple Watch Lease is a business aimed at people with financial solvency.

“[Watch] is not a staple, so I think it would be people who do not struggle to make ends meet,” he says.

Rent-A-Center, specializing in lease to own, not only rents furniture, also electronics, such as tablets and smartphones. But unlike Apple Watch Lease, its target consumer has poor or no credit history.

When we asked Rent-A-Center why not target its services to the wealthiest demographic, given the increased rental companies technology, Dominicis said: “For the wealthiest people is easier to acquire the goods”.

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