Thinking of buying an Apple Watch? There are 54 options

Wrist watches Watch Apple have a wide range of boxes, belts and sizes, allowing a total of 54 combinations.

Most models come with covers of two sizes, 38 and 42 mm. The largest price is about $ 50 more in most cases. The straps have few styles and are only available in one size.

There are three lines to choose from:

apple watch

– The cheapest is a “Sport” version with aluminum housing. The customer can opt for a silver box and synthetic rubber strap white, blue, green or pink.

The smaller version costs $ 349 and the large, $ 399, allowing 10 combinations: five straps on each of the two sizes.

– The regular version has stainless steel. The cheapest is the same belt that the Sport version, unless the brooch is also stainless steel to match.

The smallest model is priced at $ 549 and larger, $ 599, and can be chosen white or black belts.

There are no more luxury belts: three different skin, bracelet links and Milanese mesh.

20 combinations are official, but if one chooses some leather straps come in two or three sizes, there are 32 choices or options.

– Edition is the luxury line three boxes made of an alloy of 18 carat gold. The small version with white or black belt costs $ 10,000 Sport models that bring gold pin to make combination.

The large version is $ 12,000. Can be achieved with leather strap by 15,000 or $ 17.000, again with gold combination.

Eight configurations officially luxury, or 12 if the sizes of the belts that are chosen are counted.

Apple also sells belts separately for anyone wishing to exchange designs. Prices range from $ 49 for a basic sport band to $ 449 for link bracelet.

To help clients choose, Apple has numerous videos available on their website as well as in Apple App Store and Apple Watch.

Appleā€™s App Store also has guidance on sizes, picture boxes clocks in actual size and animations on the pins, the person can open and close.

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