Samsung reveals round-faced Gear smartwatch

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Samsung has just given a sneak peek at the look and feel of its upcoming round-faced Gear smartwatch. The specifications are included in the Gear smartwatch software development kit (SDK) to developers, according to resources.

Samsung’s move is just because Samsung’s square-faced Gear watches have long been overshadowed by curvier rivals such as the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R.

The smartwatch could be released as the Gear A and announced at IFA 2015. For starters, the round-faced Gear will have a slightly improved resolution at 305 PPI, compared to the Gear S’s 300 and Gear/Gear 2’s 278. Round-faced Gear will also have various sensors but may be limited to a 2G connection. According to resources, the rotating bezel can be used to navigate through apps and even adjust the volume.

The smartwatch can also be connected to Bluetooth devices like headsets, which can be used to take calls. Users can see notifications from apps installed on connected smartphone or tablet, take quick actions, delete a notification, or open the corresponding app on connected device.

The Gear smartwatch SDK runs not Google’s Android Wear but Samsung’s open-source operating system Tizen too.

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