Google launches Chrome application to play music with friends

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The site “Jam with Chrome” allows users to use one of 19 instruments in solo or group.

Google introduced a new tool to your browser Chrome , which gives the opportunity for users to become musicians through internet.

“Jam with Chrome” gives to people, regardless of their musical knowledge, choose one of the available 19 musical instruments , including guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc.. 

With multiple difficulty modes, the game also can be used with up to 4 friends in the online mode.

The company stresses that can be used with people anywhere in the world and in real time.

The virtual band can have up to four. The truth is it’s pretty fun, but it’s more of a game to demonstrate the capabilities of HTML5, using the Web Audio API, WebSockets, Canvas and CSS3.

It is also a way to promote Chrome. Although you can run on other browsers that allow HTML5, the system will prompt needed “modern web technologies” to work well, recommending downloading Google’s browser.

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