Google abolishes Quickoffice



Two years back, Google bought Quickoffice, one of the popular mobile productivity software compatible with Android Operating System that helps the users to edit, share and synchronize the word documents,powerpoint presentations and excel spreadsheets using smartphones.

The function was evident by name. Google began offering Quickoffice for Android and iOS totally free against the reliable Microsoft Office. Although since the beginning it was made ​​clear that the intention was to move towards user experience “more perfect, intuitive and integrated.”

Now Google has decided to say good bye to QuickOffice and remove both mobile applications like Google Play App Store. The tool still in stores, but will disappear soon. Users who already use the software will continue to do so, but will not be added new features and new users can not install “explained from Google.

QuickOffice may also continue to be used in Google Drive for Work, solving unlimited cloud storage that the company launched in the Google I/O targeted companies.

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