WhatsApp for iPhone finally secure messages

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For a few hours and you can download the new version of the social network WhatsApp for iPhone . An update full of new features but which stands above all the desired encryption of our messages . 

One issue that many users waiting to protect their privacy , especially after news of security breaches and violations that allowed to read messages , change our states or know our location , among other issues. Something that this social network messaging has been criticized since its inception.

Despite finding the end of the news, it is the most important. Encrypt your messages means protectingour privacy against external attacks . Thus, although we use a connection WiFi or 3G messages can not be read to be encrypted , both in the process of sending and receiving the . Something I forgot its creators at the start of the application and has been used by many. Among them we must include other applications , which have defended their position by saying that it does protect user information against WhatsApp making it so far.


But not the only novelty. Users of WhatsApp in iPhone , including our readers, wondering when they would arrive the functions that have been implemented in version for Android lately so apparently exclusive. Now you can enjoy them all. Thus, the group talks on entering unknown users now display theprofile name , and phone number. Something that can help avoid misunderstandings.


Also included the automatic download of images . So, if this option is enabled in the menu settings , you need not press the option Download when we receive an image. The download is done automatically, saving the process and therefore the time, finding the image ready to be viewed in full screen in the conversation. In addition, we have included a very convenient utility for forwarding messages . When we want to do this process, you can choose between group conversations, the individual and those latestIn this way we avoid searching the conversation one by one where we want to forward or share any question.

In short, an update of the most interesting , both the functions and may stop envying users iPhone to other platforms, such as the good news of our messages encryption . Something that will greatly help to prevent attacks by third parties. Furthermore, according to the official account WhatsApp on Twitter , this service will be using encryption and for a time , although not specified even if this is done in other platforms besides iPhone .

This version of WhatsApp , which reached the number of version 2.8.3 for iPhone , now available for download, so completely free if you purchased the application, or 0.79 cents per download if the first time through the App Store .

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