Can Bluetooth 5 Be Potential For IoT

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The much awaited fifth version of Bluetooth has just arrived and is claimed to be much faster, as fast as 2Mbps. Its range has increased too, can cover a whole house and this is something really a good news for the next-gen technology for smart homes.

As of now there’s a problem with home IoT (internet of things) as many of the consumers are yet to buy connected thermostats and door locks, but with Bluetooth there are certain competitive advantages as it is built in most of the smartphones and tablets.

ABI Research analyst Avi Greengart believes in about three years time period almost every phone will come equipped with Bluetooth 5.

As the range of Bluetooth 5 has quadrupled, it is important to know one need not to worry about getting closer to the smart devices to control those. Also, the home security type systems can talk to other Bluetooth 5 devices around the house.

However, the rivals have some benefits. Competing networks like Threat and ZigBee feature each device to connect with only the one closest to it. This is surely to take less power and is better too instead of relying on the range of each device to cover a home.

Lately smartphone manufacturers are seen phasing out physical jacks and Bluetooth has a good luck here to be making in those, towards utility, towards IoT adoption of course.

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