Eight items that are missing on the iPhone

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The iPhone went on sale five years ago. To date, the smartphone does not have some features that other phones have.

See the eight items that are missing in Apple’s smartphone:

1.An NFC

The proximity communication technology is not the iPhone team. The NFC can be used to make financial transactions and exchange files. At the Museum of London, for example, you can access the video presentations on the works of art.

In Japan, this technology lets you interact with advertising campaigns. Apple’s competitors such as HTC, Nokia, Samsung and RIM devices with NFC market for months.,

2. largest screen

The screen size of 3.5 inches is the same since the first version of the iPhone. What has changed is only the resolution. Samsung already has the line with Galaxy smartphones with display sizes up to 5.3 inches.

The HTC Titan sells the device with 4.7-inch screen and has an LG smartphone line with Optimus 4.3-inch display and 3D feature. The international media says that the next iPhone model can bring a larger screen.

3 Share documents through Bluetooth

This wireless technology equips the iPhone and allows you to connect headphones and keyboards. In addition, other iPhone owners can use applications to share files.

However, if the other person has a device from another manufacturer, the transmission of documents is a virtually impossible task without using resources unlock the iPhone.

4 Use the storage capacity as a pendrive

Other appliances, especially the models that run the Android operating system, allows you to save documents in the memory card or through the internal storage unit.

Access to content is to plug the USB cable to any computer. This procedure does not require the installation of programs and is quite popular, as well as the use of the stick.

On the iPhone, there is no memory card slot and is only save documents in the internal memory using applications that require internet connection or other device with the same app.

5 Connection 4G

So far, this technology of high-speed connection does not equip smartphones from Apple.Even the 3G +, considered an enhanced version of 3G standard, is present in them.

6 Customize the look

IOS, operating system used on the iPhone, iPad and iPhone, it lets you customize the theme colors. There is even some options standard. The alternative is to unlock the device through the jailbreak, but may cause slowness of the device and increase the vulnerability of the system.

7 FM Radio

IPhone owners can access radio stations, but you need to install an app like TuneIn Radio and have an internet connection.

This feature is unavailable to travel to distant places without network coverage, even with a data plan active and radio app installed.

8 TV Receiver

Another feature missing from the iPhone is the ability to tune the TV channels. One option to solve this problem is to buy an adapter that picks up signals. ‘

There are also applications that meet the transmissions of stations over the Internet. Again, the TV application will not work in areas without network coverage.

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