2014: Everyone and Everything connected through Smartphones

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The year 2014 will be the democratization of “smartphones”, the “internet of things” will be an important step to the data generated by users and machines will become new services to solve problems concrete.

This is clear from the many forecasts sector companies make for the new year, which will address cyber crime was the fastest growing technology segments.

2013 was the year of the emergence of “smartphones” “low cost” and the New Year come new low cost smart phones with increasingly better performance, allowing these devices to penetrate all levels of society.

Moreover, the “smartphones” high-end products will continue to evolve with larger screens, some flexible, to be carried in your pocket or purse and can connect with them through small devices such as “clocks” that came to market in 2013 or rings that seem to arrive in the spring.

The machine to machine communications will grow faster in all areas and make cities more comfortable for users with the so-called “internet of things”.

In this sense, Fjord, the design and innovation firm Accenture, talk that this year we have the “home in the pocket” as through a mobile device will control all devices of our house, which is called automation.

Explain that objects converse to provide solutions to users and there will be a digital renaissance of the health sector.

IDC expects slight growth in the technology sector to offset the decline in new traditional telecommunications services. These will continue to suffer competition from some internet services (OTT) becoming stronger.

The Spanish company specializing in software Softonic explains that Windows 9 operating system that Microsoft will bring to market at year-end, integrated Windows Phone Widows and RT in a single product.

It also provides a rapprochement between Chrome OS and Android owned by Google.

Place an opponent that will prioritize WatsApp images versus text and will be promoted by viral campaigns.

The multinational CISCO includes predictions for 2014 within the trends shaping the coming years and among them the interactive collaboration through the web services based on their location and user, of course, communications between machines or internet of things.

Cisco believes that technology will progress to integrate the Internet into the physical world of roads, supermarkets, biomedical devices and even animals and people.

This multinational also predicts ultradefinición video on smartphones and new Internet architectures that support the growth of connected devices.

IBM’s predictions are to five years “5 of 5” The classrooms learn to give students a personalized education, physical stores to compete with the online environment through technology, doctors regularly use the DNA of their patients to improve their health , a digital guardian protect us from internet and cities will know what users need.

Information Builders, specializing in intelligent systems for businesses, believes that the term “Big Data” lose importance and historical data will be renamed.Moreover grow analytic applications and business-oriented machines will be the main source of data.

Some resources  says that in 2014 mobile applications for enterprises cease to be independent and integrated into the technological processes of organizations.

But along with these predictions of innovation that will benefit individuals and companies, multinational security trends predict that cybercrime and cyberwarfare will be strengthened in 2013 and 2014 and the increase in mobile malware, Ransomware will increase the call or sequestration User information for ransom and attacks on social networks to get passwords.

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