Android will see YouTube videos without Internet connection

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Users of smartphones with OS Android will see videos of YouTube without having to connect,thanks to the list of ‘Show later’. For the first time the video platform of Google begin downloading a video when you create the user wants to see, so that the website itself anticipates the wishes of users so it will not have to wait and media can see where and when you want.

The conference Google I / O 2012 has shown in its first day of big news both devices at the level of software . The Mountain View team has released a new version of Android, Jelly Bean, which brings some new features like faster, better performance and improved graphics section. Also, can enjoy the voice recognition mode offline .

Android users will be able to identify videos that have been downloaded by a small green arrowBut speech recognition, in which Google continues to work hard to make it perfectly integrated, it is not the only feature that will work offline . As announced by the Mountain View team during his lecture, the YouTube application for Android also work offline with the option ‘Show later’.

This is great news for users who do not spend much time at home and constantly dependent to find a Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet from your mobile device. With this new option as users can do when they charge the phone before leaving home. The user can upload the video in a place with Wi-Fi and, once loaded, YouTube offers the possibility to view it later on as offline , without Internet connection at any time.

YouTube will begin selecting and downloading these videos based on the browsing habits of users, as well as channels that are subscribed. The platform becomes a “brain” that will store each and every one of the preferences of its users by analyzing the videos that they can visit to see them again.

Android users will be able to identify videos that have been downloaded by a small green arrow that appears at the corner of the screen. In addition, their wish is my command, the user may order the platform that just download the videos you have saved to your list ‘To see him later. “

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