The malware arrives on Monday

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The virus that is terrorizing the network will arrive monday

 – is alarm in the computer world for the arrival of a powerful virus that could send offline for more than 300 thousand computers .

According to forecasts, the virus should strike from Monday, and it would be powerful enough to be baptized Internet Doomsday . The virus, type ” DNS Changer “, was stopped by the FBI, which was made available for computers infected with a server” clean “, which was to remain active until March, although the deadline has been moved, exactly, Monday, July 9.

The infectious agent was launched on the Net in 2007 by a Russian-Estonian group that is estimated to have stolen data and infected more than 4 million computers worldwide.

In detail, the Internet Doomsday is a malware that affects Internet traffic through DNS, which make it possible to convert the names of websites into IP addresses and vice versa was changed to the “destination” of the unfortunate end of the computer, which ran into illegal sites , which compromised the security of their data.

Therefore, users infected by this malware have time throughout the weekend to save on your computer: about 26 thousand of these would be in Italy.

Find out if your computer is affected by this “disease” is quite simple: just connect to the site of the DNS Changer Working Group ( ), you will choose a country concerned and the site will check our computer. Even providing some “help” in case of success.

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