Samsung growth rate stronger than Apple in Tablets

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According to the latest IDC barometer on the third quarter, global tablet shipments grew more than 36% year on year. Apple still dominates but sees its market share slip below 30%, while its rivals have all experienced strong growth.

IDC has released its figures on the market shelves for the third quarter, they show a strong annual growth (36.7%) with 47.6 million units shipped.

These are the Android tablets that have fueled much of this growth, with growth percentages to two or three digits. Thus Samsung confirms he’s second behind Apple with 9.7 million units shipped (+ 123% over a year), followed by Asus with 3.5 million units (53.9%), Lenovo with 2.3 million units (420.7%) and Acer with 1.2 million units (346.3%).

While the firm Apple continues to lead in this ranking, but it has seen its market share suffer serious erosion from 40.2 to 29.6% over one year with 14.1 million iPad sold .

Apple’s decision to postpone the launch of new iPad in the first quarter of the year likely contributed to the low sales growth over this period is estimated IDC. But the analyst firm predicts that the output of the Air iPad and the iPad Mini Retina during November will undoubtedly have a stimulating effect on sales in the fourth quarter.

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