The bracelet that projects a smartphone screen on your wrist-Cicret

Cicret made the start-up in recent days, with his bracelet project announced as revolutionary. The latter would have the ability to project a smartphone display directly on the forearm. The creation of a strap connected to a new genre to secure further benefit exchanges and store it the personal data of its users. But soon Cicret team wondered how to integrate this bracelet screen compared to the number of features they wanted to implement. An innovative idea emerges: projecting a screen directly from the bracelet on the arm of the wearer and detect actions through a motion detector. All integrated and miniaturized even within the bracelet Cicret.


Better yet, it would be possible to interact with this “screen” with proximity sensors placed in the bracelet. It would be enough to press his skin to activate the displayed features. If the concept seems as promising as surprising, however, difficult to believe, despite a video posted on YouTube , already seen more than 5 million times. It seems mostly to be a good video editing, more like a joke than a real product. Yet the young company would come to raise funds, as per the resources.


Only problem, the project does not realize that the money brought by the mysterious investor, but also on donations from the general public interested in such a project. Many Internet users have already sent a contribution via PayPal , the team hoping to hand over 700,000 euros in total to realize the bracelet. Given the many gray areas that exist around this project, it will be difficult to lift the sense of doubt that is currently spreading.

Now Cicret team will be able to finalize the prototype of its projector bracelet and hope even start large-scale production for 2015. On this point, the will of leaders is to make a product that imply a higher sales price than if the bracelet had been produced in China or any other country. But such a strategy would position Cicret on the high-end market with the label France. Currently, the Figaro we learn that the company has already reached an agreement with a silicon supplier, an essential component (and expensive) to put into production.

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