Bing launches improved design and user interface

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Microsoft has redesigned logo and Bing user interface in an attempt to place the search engine as a development platform. The new image was presented by the improved Bing search experience, which provides users with answers to their questions in a more interactive format than the typical list of links.

Bing New Logo

Bing New Logo

The new logo and the new Bing search page are designed to fit the visual makeover that Microsoft has released gradually on all products and services of the company. Logo now uses a version of the Segoe, Microsoft corporate source. The entire logo is the same orange color as the point of the previous version, which is also the color of the square right lower Microsoft’s corporate logo.

As for the user interface , the first change observed is in preview windows that show users the website is most relevant for your search or help them refine your search by looking at the results potential (such as a visual version of the tool AutoSuggest).

The new Pole Position answers questions about the local weather, while Snapshot, which first announced a year ago, generates a summary of information on certain topics, and relevant links. The social search Bing , which includes content pulled from Facebook and other social networks, is consolidated into one sidebar.

New features in Bing to facilitate their integration into other Microsoft products used by its customers as the Xbox and Windows Phone devices and predict your future searches. It also reinforces the company plans to convert into a search engine Bing platform , says resources . In June, Microsoft announced it would open Bing as a platform for developers. If Microsoft allows Bing services are available to developers on all platforms, this will help it better compete against Google.

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