Microsoft biggest ever, will pay 217 billion for LinkedIn



Microsoft wants to use LinkedIn together with Office 365, above all, to create a unified environment for linking businesses. For customers who are very Microsoft-centric, it has the potential to be very effective. Microsoft wants to return to a model where they control the entire customer experience. Microsoft can ensure that the correct profile is always in the right place. Whether you are looking for someone on Skype, Outlook, or in a SharePoint environment, you can connect this with his professional profile.

In addition, Microsoft has said that LinkedIn will live on as a separate network, so do not expect any major differences. However, Microsoft may weave the network in Windows 10, believes resources.

It is of course not only Cortana that can take advantage of the database but a wide range of Microsoft services can be developed in line with the company get to know their users. LinkedIn has been an overlooked social network with a huge potential in the business world. Microsoft sees the same thing and if they act correctly, they should get a huge return on their substantial investment.

LinkedIn also sits on a database of skills and a training tool in the Microsoft has a long list of tools that employees should master. There are plenty of opportunities to cross-fertilize services.

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