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Launched globally in October 2012, Windows 8, the new operating system Microsoft has sold 60 million licenses. This data was provided in January.

The company, which has just closed the first quarter of this year, will be announcing exact sales figures up to date in the coming weeks.

Gerardo Villalpando, regional director of business and marketing for Windows of Microsoft Latin America, explains that all business sales of Windows, Microsoft gained about 5.8 trillion. and as for pre-sold licenses of Windows 8 the contribution was $ 780 million.

“The 60 million licenses sold compared to the same period of time when we launched Windows 7 and the figure is virtually the same. Windows 8 has good acceptance, “says the executive.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Regional market
deals specifically in Latin America was to update Windows 7 or XP with a Windows 8 upgrade price low from December to February 2013.Villalpando said it was a surprise sales growth over the internet.

“Online sales of Windows 8 grew by over 300 percent compared to Windows 7,” he reveals.

In his view this is evidence that the region has more access to the Internet through more devices and increasingly people get better bandwidth, but also that Internet prices are down, has spread much purchase by this way and people have more confidence for their transactions transactions. The executive believes that although there is still a digital divide in the region (and Dominican Republic is no exception), gradually more democratized access to computers and the Internet.

Mobile Life
In a present that focuses on mobility through various devices, especially smartphones and tablets, but without leaving behind fixed computer use at home or work, you had to create a customizable operating system.

“The concept of Windows 8 is oriented no matter what device you have, whether tablet, whether it is a PC or cell phone. The idea is to have the same interface is a touch device or not, “said Villalpando.

This raises the interactive interface with living icons, highly intuitive and peronalizable,-according Villalpandopensada for the user to have at hand all you need.

“It is the biggest investment we make in an interface from 1995, the big change we made was with Windows 95 and since then no change was so drastic as this,” he reveals. Add before develop the interface was tested by users and partners in more than 180 countries.

The result is ready to run on the device that best fitting the needs of the user, touch or not, fixed or mobile. The concept is to have the same interface to multiple devices with applications in hand, m the possibility of having everything stored in the cloud for use anywhere.

“There are more than 1,800 certified devices for Windows 8, we have quadrupled the number of certified devices since the launch, which means that more and more our hardware partners develop and certify more devices,” said Villalpando.

Another feature that Windows 8 is added to the store, how to obtain applications. 

Apps Developers
 The Windows Store users can purchase applications that can be created by independent developers or companies specializing in various business applications. “The business model is very attractive applications for the developer.

Typically in any store if the application costs a dollar, who creates gets 75 cents and the owner of the store with 25. In the model Microsoft when application reaches sales of $ 25,000, the model changes to that 80 percent is for the developer, “says Gerardo Villalpando. This has created excitement and attractive application development. Microsoft also offers support for companies or businesses that develop a specific application for its users, such as newspapers or banks.

“For an application to be uploaded to our shop there is a process of working together with Microsoft area where we work quality standards, they are very careful with the type of application and the type of content that is uploaded,” says the executive.

A developer may have application in the Microsoft store and any other, you can also remove it at any time. Microsoft’s business with the store is not profit, but to function as value added. 

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